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 Sugar Face Scrub Everyday

Exfoliation to remove dead skin cells is a great way to reveal fresh skin and start your skincare routine with the skin prepped to absorb your favorite skincare products. If you are new to sugar scrubs, begin with arms and legs as they are more exposed to sun damage daily.  Once you see how the skin reacts to Sugar Scrub, you can move on to other body parts. Be careful on your face, though. The skin is thinner and may become irritated with daily use.

Benefits Of Applying Sugar On Face

 Using a sugar based product on your face can help protect it from environmental damage. Many bacteria are drawn to sugar as an easy source of nutrients. So, you can protect yourself from a number of skin antagonists with the application of sugar based products.



Sugar For Skin Whitening

Exfoliation can help reduce sun damage and skin darkening. You are removing dead, darkened cells and revealing fresh skin which will benefit form sun screen and decrease skin darkening and damage.


Benefits Of Sugar Scrub For Lips

 Lip scrubs can work wonders for chapped lips. Check the labels for lip safe ingredients. This sugar scrub is soap based, so while it will give the results you would like, the taste may not be to your liking!

Sugar Scrub For Face Acne

 Skin that suffers from acne is in an irritated state. The best way to avoid skin damage is to exercise patience. It is best to use a gentle cleanser and wait until the irritation is gone before using an abrasive product.


Can I Use Sugar Scrub On My Face

 As long as you use gentle pressure when using sugar scrubs, Dr. Hadley says they are safe to use on your face, body, and lips, depending on the product. So, don't use a sugar scrub formulated for your body on your face and vice-versa. Be sure to use the product as directed.


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