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Beach Fantasy Organic Body Wash Collection™

Sanibel Soap Co.

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Free Shipping to US Addresses

4 4-Ounce bottles of our new Organic Body Wash in Beach vacation fragrances. We don't use detergents, palm oil, parabens or solvents, just honestly good Body Wash!

  • Sanibel (formerly known as Beach) smells just like the Beach
  • Key Largo You'll want to taste it! Just like a tall Pin`a Colada: Coconut and pineapple
  • Key West a tangy Lime fragrance, since at Sunset, all the drinks on Mallory Square have a lime!
  • Miami Beach exotic, with the international vibe of night life, high fashion and fine dining

USDA Certified organic Body Wash sent to you ready to use or to gift! Price includes Priority Mail service to any US address.